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Obituary Submission Form

This form allows you to submit information to request an obituary in The Buffalo News. This is the only way The News accepts obituary requests.

Obituaries are news stories written by The News about noteworthy local residents. The information you provide on this page will be submitted to the newsroom, where an editor will review it and determine if an obituary will be written.

Not all obituary submissions are published.

Death notices are paid advertisements handled by The News' Classified Sales Department. To place a death notice in The News and, contact the Classified Sales Department by sending an email to or by calling 716-856-5555 or 1-800-777-8653.

You'll be given the option to upload a recent photo. The person submitting this photo for publication in The News attests that he/she has full right, power and authority to have the photo published, either by virtue of owning the copyright or by having been granted authority by the copyright holder.

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