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Wedding Announcements

The Buffalo News publishes, in print and online, free wedding announcements. These announcements are brief items listing information about the newlyweds, their family and their wedding ceremony. Information should be submitted by the one of the wedding partners or a member of their immediate family. We only accept online submissions, and only through the form that begins below – it should take less than 15 minutes to complete. After you’ve completed the process, the information will be checked by a member of our staff. You must provide complete, accurate information – including contact information. We will thoroughly review and verify each submission. If we receive incomplete information or are unable to verify any part of your submission, we won’t publish the announcement.

Photos: You’ll be given the option to upload a photo of the couple (JPG file up to 1MB). Couple portraits should portray both partners from the waist up, against a plain background, with the couple’s heads close together and level with one another. The person submitting this photo for publication in The Buffalo News attests that he/she has full right, power and authority to have photo published, either by virtue of owning the copyright or by having been granted authority by the copyright holder.

Deadlines: Wedding announcements will be published as space is available if received by The News no later than one month after the wedding date.


Submitter information is used for confirming submission information only and not for published materials.

Submitter Info

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